■West Marina Olive ■Marina, loan ship specialty store, and watersport of Shiga

West Marina Olive
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The rental boat in the north lake and the south lake in Biwako and towing to say nothing of bass fishing are without any mistake OK.
It waits by service and the price of consent, and come by all means,
please. It is the only shop in which the marina is permitted in the loan ship specialty store. Please come readily at ease.

◇For coming by car◇
It is 1,500m on north side from super Izumiya of Biwako O-hashi Bridge west as for the 161st line.
Because two signals by Ono queue up, it is the right turn in second (this side of the brook).
※ It is equipping of a free parking lot. (It is wide. )

◇For coming by JR◇
【Osaka district】
It transfers to "Kosai line" in Kyoto.
"Ono" Getting off.
※Fast doesn't stop and get on usually, please.
※If it is new fast, it gets off "Ono" usually transferring to a streetcar by "Katada".

【Tsuruga district】
Getting off of "Ono" from "Hokuriku Main Line" to "Kosai line" it.

※It is a minute of walking 5-6 from "Ono".

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Watersport jet/Wake board/Rental boat/Boat keeping of Biwako from event of bus fishing
West Marina Olive
■〒520-0525 Shiga Prefecture Otsu City Ono 312-12 ■TEL 077-594-5739 / FAX 077-594-5537